While Josh Duggar remains in rehab after his cheating scandal was exposed following the Ashley Madison hack, his wife Anna has garnered immense sympathy from fans. Many of those who were concerned about how the mother-of-four is dealing with her husband's adultery, finally got a glimpse of her during Amy Duggar's wedding.

This is the first public appearance of Jim Bob and Michelle's daughter-in-law post Josh's confession to porn addiction and cheating. The reality star put up a brave face while attending Josh's cousin's wedding which took place in Arkansas.

The wedding was attended by the entire 19 Kids And Counting family except the eldest son of Jim Bob. The famous parents of the disgraced reality star have publicly declared their support for their daughter-in-law after Josh entered rehab.

Anna's picture at Amy's wedding venue had fans feeling sorry for her. "Poor Anna looks miserable. Run girl! Away from those Duggars," one fan commented on a picture posted on Facebook by the Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray. While another said "Anna looks so distraught, like she is ready to cry."

"Can't imagine how hard it is for Anna. Going to a wedding when you are dealing with a cheating spouse. Really rubs salt in the wounds," another fan wrote while sympathising with the former reality TV star.

"I saw her before the ceremony and just gave her the biggest hug ever," Amy told the People. "That's when I got the most emotional. She told me to have just an amazing day."

The eldest Duggar son, who sullied his family's honour and betrayed his wife Anna's trust, finally admitted that he had been the 'biggest hypocrite ever' in his apology note. He has since been sent to rehab by his parents Jim Bob and Michelle.