Anonymous Hackers Renew Campaign Against Biotech Company Monsanto
Breaking from its support for the Occupy movement, the hacker cell of the Anonymous collective has renewed its campaign against the Monsanto Corporation.

According to a new message posted on Pastebin the hacker cell of the Anonymous collective has renewed its campaign against the Monsanto corporation.

The message went up on Pastebin Monday, confirming Anonymous had targeted the Bivings Group, responsible for handling Monsanto's PR.

"Operation End Monsanto is still very much up and running. Pwnage will continue indefinitely," read Anonymous' opening statement. Continuing: "First Victim: Bivings Corporation. Bivings Corp is(was) a PR firm of 15+years that worked with some very high profile clients, Monsanto used them heavily. "

As well as defacing Bivings' website, the hackers also released data containing "hundreds" of emails and a number of alleged Monsanto documents.

In a later tweet issued on the collective's AnonymousIRC Twitter feed, Bivings' ongoing relationship with Monsanto was listed as the sole reason for the cyber attack.

" | Tango Down (permanently) | Bivings Group | For giving support to known criminals (aka Monsanto) | #Antisec prevails," read the AnonymousIRC tweet.

The new cyber attack follows-up Anonymous' previous campaign against Monsanto. The collective had originally targeted the biotech firm back in July releasing the contact details of 2,500 Monsanto employees.

The attack was reportedly done to protest the company's dubious past -- Monsanto was one of the company's listed as providing the U.S. government with Agent Orange during the Vietnam war.

The attack was subsequently credited as a part of the group's ongoing AntiSec campaign, which saw the group inflict a similar attack on military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton earlier in 2011.

At the time this article was written Monsanto had not responded to the International Business Times UK's request for comment on Anonymous' latest attack.