British Government Ignore Anonymous Hackers’ Threat: Plans for Social Media Bans Proceed
Home Secretary Theresa May has confirmed that the UK government is proceeding with its plans to grant police the power to block "trouble makers" from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook despite the Anonymous collective's "warning" not to do so. SFist

The hacker cell of the Anonymous collective has issued a slew of statements indicating it will be reducing its involvement in the ongoing Occupy Wall Street campaign, in order to re-focus its efforts on protesting the state-sponsored "murder" of Troy Davis.

Anonymous revealed its intention to re-focus its efforts via its Anonymous IRC Twitter account. "And #OccupyWallstreet, we do not forget you. You will understand that we have our eyes on #TroyDavis now. Sail Strong! We're with you," read Anonymous' tweet.

The tweet came just after news of Davis' execution became public after 11 p.m. The case had gained global media attention after significant doubts were cast over Davis' guilt.

In its subsequent tweets Anonymous voiced its belief that Davis was innocent, going so far as to call his execution murder. "So, U.S. Govt, you murder innocent people. We will now continue to expose your "Law Officers" Open the bays. #AntiSec GO. #TroyDavis," read one of Anonymous' tweets.

Following its initial series of tweets Anonymous' message took on a darker tone, containing a series of threats against the U.S. government and law enforcement, indicating a return to its hacktivist origins.

"U.S. Police Officers and Law Authorities Personnel: QUIT YOUR JOB NOW. YOU ARE TARGET. Thank your Government. #AntiSec #TroyDavis."

Anonymous' messages went on to indicate that the protest attacks would mark an escalation on the hacks it had previously enacted in the name of its ongoing Operation Anti-Security campaign. "On this sad day you have changed the rule of the game, USA. We have adapted already. #TroyDavis, we will never forget you. #OccupyWallstreet," tweeted Anonymous.

The collective's statements did not clarify what exact form the escalation would take past that it would see the group move past its regular distributed denial of service form of attack. "Georgia has prepared for ddos? Did they also prepare for the next stage? Too bad there is no weekday starting with "G". #TTT #FFF #SSS," read one tweet.

Despite indicating it would be shifting its focus, at the time this article was written Anonymous had continued to voice support for the Occupy Wall Street protest via its numerous Twitter accounts.