About.me iPhone App: Showcase your identity online. Apple itunes

About.me is a free app for the iPhone which allows the user to create a beautiful one-page website with striking features.

The website will contain all the information about the user. It is an amazing way to share one's interests, photos, social networks with a short bio. The popular AOL app lets one create a visually rich website showcasing one's real life individuality digitally.

The about.me app has been launched by AOL. The company aims to inform, entertain and connect the world. It is the home of a world-class collection of premium brands. AOL creates original content that engages spectators on a local and global scale as well as help marketers connect with customers through effective and engaging digital advertising solutions.

Users can build a personal and dynamic page which points the visitors to one's content from around the world. Interestingly, one can keep track of the views and clicks which allow knowing the number of people visiting a particular page and from where they are coming from. It offers historical statistics to the user. The app comes with a latest Check Out option which lets one view pages of nearby users and making it easier to connect with new acquaintances.

The exciting features of about.me app are:

[1] The user can create one's own about.me page.

[2] It will be more impressive when an exclusive mobile background is chosen.

[3] Enjoy the browsing of about.me to discover featured directory of pages.

[4] The user can swipe to reveal random pages.

[5] The new Check Out feature enables you to find people nearby - at a game, seminar or other special event.

[6] The app allows sharing the pages to popular social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter or even via email.

[7] Along with sharing, users can also search for and add those pages to one's Favourites section.

[8] The app not only lets one update one's page, but also to view the app in both portrait and landscape mode.

AOL has offered several interesting social networking apps which are available at Apple's itunes store. The company launched AIM app which allows users to keep in touch with friends and groups. One can chat with a friend or a group of friends, share photos and voice messages. The exciting thing is one could even set the friends as Favourites and group chats for instant access. It enables one to connect to Google Talk and Facebook Chat too. The amazing app is available for $2.99 at Apple's itunes.