According to a report on Tech Radar, the UK version of popular auction Web site is selling the new iPad at cheaper rates than any other retailer in the country.

The latest version of Apple's iPad, launched on 7 March, is available for £399 on many Internet-based retail sites, including Apple Stores. However, it seems eBay has been selling the new iPad £20 cheaper on the eBuyer Express. The news was confirmed by a PC Advisor report.

The bonus is that the Web site does not charge for postage or packing.

The new tablet has been well-received by users from across the world, with its iLife apps, enhanced battery and high resolution Retina Display. Unfortunately for Apple, though, there has also been criticism... from customers claiming they are bored with incremental variations.

In any case, the new iPad (16GB Wi-Fi-only model) is now available for only £379.99 on eBay.