Apple TV concept
Apple TV could include a redesigned touch remote control and a separate App Store for the set-top box. Martin Hajek

The release of a major update to the Apple TV set-top box is expected in the very near future,with the focus expected to be on new gaming and TV integration features.

In anticipation of its release, Dutch graphic designer Martin Hajek has published his imaginings of what the fourth generation of Apple TV could be like.

Apple TV remote
What an Apple TV remote control might look like redesigned as a touch device. Martin Hajek

The most noticeable upgrade is the redesigned remote control, visualised by Hajek as a touchscreen device that can be wirelessly recharged via the set-top box.

Apple TV
Rumours suggest the set-top box will use the A7-chip, making it much faster. Martin Hajek

The new model of the box itself is similar to the third generation design, measuring 9.8cm x 9.8cm, however inside the presence of an A7-chip is expected to make it much faster.

Apple TV Concept
The revamped remote control could be wirelessly rechargeable via Apple TV. Martin Hajek

Hajek has previously proposed what Apple's next TV might look like if it was more than just a box. His 3D renderings imagine a gold-framed curved screen with pebble buttons.

iTV or Apple TV Martin Hajek