Fourth-gen Apple TV
Apple is working on new patents to enhance existing user interface Apple

Apple is apparently working on a couple of new patents for its fourth-generation Apple TV to enhance the existing user interface for changing channels on an iOS device and activating the presence-aware detection system, which automatically plays content as long as someone is within the vicinity of the television's sensors.

Broadcast TV feature

Fourth-gen Apple TV
The broadcast TV feature includes a large display area with embedded electronic programming-guide Patently Apple

The broadcast TV feature involves a navigation bar that represents the current position for playing a particular content item such as movie shows and TV series. In addition, it includes a large display area with embedded electronic programming-guide for sequential ordering of the television broadcasts, based on pre-allotted time slots.

Presence detection feature

Presence Detection Feature
Presence detection feature to improve overall user experience with fourth-generation Apple TV Patently Apple

Presence detection is another noteworthy feature being integrated into the fourth-generation Apple TV, which determines when the device needs to be activated based on any human presence nearby. The presence-enabled device uses several ways to determine the presence of a human nearby, such as facial recognition, motion sensor checks and an audible or inaudible sound check to determine if the remote is near the television.

"Determining whether a person is present at a device can be beneficial in providing that person an enhanced user experience with the device. For example, if a television were able to determine that a person is in the presence of the television, the television could forgo going to sleep so the person's television-viewing can remain uninterrupted," Apple said in its recent post on Patently Apple.