Apple TV owners are in for some exciting news, as Apple has launched a bunch of new channels through its popular set-top box with region-specific exclusive add-ons in the offing.

Those who own the second or third-generation device would be able to enjoy the newly introduced channels automatically, reports Redmond Pie. In other words, it means there is no need to update the software or perform a manual tuning to capture new transmission frequencies.

For instance, US residents will be able to enjoy new exclusive channels such as CBS Sports and USA NOW with a wider choice for on-demand sports, drama, comedy and other genres depending upon the user's personal taste.

Those residing outside the US will also get a choice of a few exclusive channels, wherein the UK's younger audience could be treated with some new entertainment and educational programmes such as the Netflix for kids.

Meanwhile, the Central Europe comprising France and Germany would be privileged to enjoy Arte, which brings a multitude of genres to Apple TV.

On the other hand, Australia would be receiving a fresh bouquet of Sports channels along the lines of the US including the FOX Sports network and Canada will receive two new channels: Shomi and CraveTV.

The only exception would be CBS Sports, which gets a simultaneous launch for both the US and Canada for the first time in history.

For those who are eager to know about all the available channels including those specific to a certain region, here is the complete region-wise listing:

  • CBS Sports (United States and Canada)
  • USA NOW (United States)
  • Arte (France, Germany)
  • CraveTV (Canada)
  • Shomi (Canada)
  • Hopster (United Kingdom)
  • FOX Sports (Australia)