Miss AI
Miss AI has finally unveiled the ten finalists who will compete for $20,000. Twitter / Peer Community Hub, Your News Network Zone! 🇨🇦 @p_communityhub

The highly-anticipated shortlist for the world's first AI-generated beauty pageant, dubbed Miss AI, has arrived, featuring stunningly realistic, entirely computer-designed contestants.

Last month, the groundbreaking World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs) launched, marking a new chapter in pageant history. A staggering 1,500 computer-generated entries were meticulously evaluated for their lifelike qualities, technical execution, and online influence.

The judging panel has unveiled the highly anticipated top 10 contestants following a rigorous selection process. Each is now in the running to claim the coveted £16,000 ($20,000) prize ($5,000 in cash and $15,000 in business perks).

"We created the awards to raise standards within the industry," a representative exclusively told The Post. "And to uncover inspiring creators from all over the planet we didn't know existed is really exciting."

"The awards have shown how engaged creators in the AI space are, and the standard of the shortlist is nothing short of incredible," Will Monange, co-founder at Fanvue, explained.

They knew there were many AI creators, perhaps around 10,000 globally. Still, this event has unearthed hidden gems – talented individuals with captivating narratives working behind the scenes to bring these creations to life and engage their audiences.

"And that's the beauty of the AI creator space - it's enabling creative people to enter the creator economy with their AI-generated creations without having to be the face themselves," the top executive said.

Evaluating the vast pool of entries was a significant challenge for the judges, Monange said, but anticipation is high for the final winners to be revealed later this month. Pioneering the space for AI-generated content creators, Fanvue sits at the forefront of this burgeoning industry, projected to surpass $1 billion in 2024.

The platform boasts a shortlist featuring various remarkably realistic creations from Morocco, France, India, and beyond. One such finalist is the captivating Portuguese creation Olivia C. Her travel content, entirely AI-generated, has amassed an impressive 10,600 followers on Instagram (@oliviaislivinghigh).

Olivia's creators expressed their delight at being recognised in this pioneering competition, often called the "Oscars" of the tech world. They hope Olivia's success paves the way for a future where technology fosters deeper connections.

Meet the Finalists Vying for the Miss AI Title

Miss AI 10 finalists
Beauty pageant with NO humans? AI models compete in Miss AI, raising questions about beauty standards and the role of AI. Twitter / Fernando Barbella @FLBarbella

Kenza Layli: A Champion for Change

Kenza Layli, a member of the world's first AI family and boasting over 190,000 social media followers, has taken the online world by storm. Her captivating content celebrates Moroccan culture while advocating for a powerful mission: empowering women across Morocco and the Middle East.

Additionally, Kenza's creators champion ethical practices in the influencer space, calling for greater regulation. Pioneering AI technology allows Kenza's creators to produce entirely AI-generated images, videos, and even audio content.

Aliya Lou: A Fusion of Art and Identity

Aliya Lou, a captivating Japanese-Afro-Brazilian artist, brings a unique perspective to post-photography and performance. Conceived through text-based prompts fed into AI software, Aliya was initially created to portray a range of characters within the African diaspora narrative.

Deeply connected to Brazilian culture, her artistic journey traverses the vibrant landscapes of Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and São Paulo. Yet, her influence extends far beyond, keeping a keen eye on Tokyo's trends and the ever-evolving fashion scene of Europe.

Olivia C: Bridging the Digital and Human Worlds

Olivia C, a captivating AI explorer, embarks on a journey that transcends the boundaries between the digital and real. Based in Portugal, she embodies the potential for AI and humanity to coexist in beautiful harmony.

Through her captivating Instagram presence (10,000 followers), Olivia showcases the power of technology to enhance, not replace, the human experience. Her creator leverages cutting-edge tools like Midjourney to generate stunning visuals, further refined through the power of Adobe AI.

Anne Kerdi: Aiming to democratise AI

A champion for both Brittany and artificial intelligence, Kerdi uses her platform to promote the region's tourism, history, culture, events, and gastronomy. She is an ambassador for Océanopolis Acts, a fund dedicated to ocean conservation, and serves on the committee for Ar Seiz Avel, an upcoming exhibition of artists in Brittany this July.

Zara Shatavari: An AI for Women's Wellness

Shatavari, an AI creation from India, is the face of "Hermones," a natural supplement for women's hormonal balance. Committed to using technology for social good, the creators leveraged AI to develop Shatavari.

She produces informative content explaining the root causes of hormonal imbalances and is currently involved in developing an AI-based self-diagnostic system. Shatavari advocates for improved access to healthcare and has earned the title "PCOS and Depression Warrior."

Aiyana Rainbow: A Champion for Inclusivity

Aiyana Rainbow, a captivating AI personality from Romania, uses her platform of 3,200 Instagram followers to champion LGBT acceptance and promote love and diversity in all its forms.

An embodiment of inclusivity, she advocates for equality and understanding, striving for a world where every voice is heard and valued, fostering empathy and respect for all. To bring Aiyana to life, her creator uses Chat GPT to craft detailed descriptions and prompts, which LeonardoAI uses to generate her stunning visuals.

Lalina: Fostering Cross-Cultural Understanding

Driven by the pursuit of artistic realism, Lalina's creator meticulously crafted her visual identity. Ensuring complete originality in her imagery is paramount, reflecting the creator's commitment to protecting their intellectual property.

This French AI influencer, Lalina, sees her role as a bridge between cultures and viewpoints, fostering collaboration and understanding. She aspires to leverage her influence to promote empathy, tolerance, and a more inclusive world.

Seren Ay: Turkey's Pioneering AI Ambassador

A fiery redhead, Seren Ay, breaks boundaries as Turkey's first AI brand ambassador. Through a complex process using three AI programs, her creators craft her image, seamlessly allowing her face to appear in diverse photos.

This digital influencer transcends time, educating her 11,300+ Instagram followers on Turkish history and national holidays, globetrotting, and even cosplaying pop culture icons. Seren passionately champions Turkish heritage and fosters a sense of national pride.

Asena Ilik: Redefining Influence

Turkish AI starlet Asena Ilik shatters stereotypes, proving that imagination, captivating visuals, and entertainment are the cornerstones of influence, not mere physical beauty. Her meticulously crafted persona boasts a distinct style, favourite haunts, and a love for specific cars, all woven seamlessly into her engaging content.

Eliza Khan: A Gen Z Fashionista

While Khan may not be the first AI influencer in Bangladesh (the title belongs to Marvella), she's making waves with her quirky personality, relatable charm, and fashion-forward style.

This digital trendsetter keeps up with the latest Gen Z trends, all while advocating for a world of inclusivity and fairness. Khan's creators ensure her content reflects this mission through a meticulous image editing process, crafting diverse and engaging posts for social media.

This beauty pageant is only one part of the growing industry of AI. To date, it is also opening doors to new forms of companionship. Platforms like Altcat allow users to create virtual companions modelled after celebrities or influencers. Moreover, the adult entertainment industry is exploring the use of AI-generated content featuring fictional characters.