Very sad news from Tokyo Zoo as the giant baby panda, born just six days ago to parents Shin Shin and Ri Ri has died, probably from pneumonia, zookeepers have said.

We can see here in night vision the moment the baby Panda was born to mum Shin Shin . However following this happy moment the much awaited male cub, was poorly earlier in the week and kept in an incubator, but had been returned to its mother on Tuesday. Seemingly doing well. Keepers then noticed, it wasn't breathing. The Keepers massaged its heart, but the cub was declared dead an hour later.

The birth of this cub was great news for the zoo. He was the first cub to be born there in 24 years. Pandas often experience difficulty in conceiving naturally, particularly when they are on public display, so for this cub to be born naturally to his parents Shin Shin and Ri Ri was a great coup for the zoo.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter