The FIA has announced that the Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead as planned next weekend, amid speculation that the race was going to be delayed or cancelled for a second year running after conflict in the country.

Last year the race was postponed and then cancelled on safety grounds, but the sport's governing body decided on Friday morning that the race will go ahead as scheduled. If the race was cancelled for a second year running then it would have its contract with Formula One terminated.

The FIA's statement in full is published below:

"The FIA is the governing body of motor sport and therefore of Formula One. As such, it sets the season's calendars following the proposal of the Commercial Rights Holder (CRH) in accordance with the local national authorities in all matters relating to safety.

"Within that context, the FIA ensures that any event forming part of an FIA World Championship is organised in compliance with the FIA Statutes and the relevant Sporting and Technical Regulations and that the safety of the public, officials, drivers and teams is secured at all times during an event.

"The FIA must make rational decisions based on the information provided to us by the Bahraini authorities and by the Commercial Rights Holder. In addition we have endeavoured to assess the ongoing situation in Bahrain.

"President Jean Todt led a fact-finding mission to the Kingdom in November 2011, meeting a large number of decision-makers and opinion formers, including elected Shia members of parliament, the president of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, ambassadors from the European Union countries, the Crown Prince, the Interior Minister and many members of the business community.

"All expressed their wish for the Grand Prix to go ahead in 2012, and since then, the FIA has kept in close touch with all these stakeholders. Away from the public eye, the FIA has received regular security briefings from the most senior diplomatic officials based in the Kingdom as well as from other independent experts.

"The 2012 calendar, as presented by the CRH, was ratified by the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) in September 2011. Since then no request from the F1 Commission or the CRH has been made to the WMSC to either postpone or cancel the Bahrain Grand Prix.

"Based on the current information the FIA has at this stage, it is satisfied that all the proper security measures are in place for the running of a Formula One World Championship event in Bahrain.

"Therefore, the FIA confirms that the 2012 Gulf Air F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain will go ahead as scheduled."

Formula One's commercial rights holder, Bernie Ecclestone, announces the Bahrain race go ahead after a meeting with FIA officials at Shanghai International circuit

Formula One's commercial rights holder, Bernie Ecclestone added: "Everybody's happy. We haven't got any problems. It's a problem being discussed by the media. They don't have any idea what's going on. That's the problem.

"This race is on the calendar, and has been on the calendar for quite a long time, and we will be there. All the teams are happy to be there."

Adding: "The national sporting authority will keep us informed as to what is happening. There's nothing happening. I know people who live there and it's all very quiet and peaceful.

"There has been enough speculation and things said, and I think it was a good thing to put something out. I suppose the right thing to do is to stop speculating and wait and see, then we will deal with the matter when it arises."

The Bahrain GP will take place on Sunday, 22 April at 8AM BST.