It's widely agreed that BB-8 was one of the biggest stars of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The tale of one droid's quest to be reunited with its beloved master created the perfect counterweight against the film's darker themes of totalitarianism and mass genocide, and not since the original Star Wars' R2-D2 have we had so much love for a robot (well, expect maybe Wall-E.)

Part of what made BB-8 most endearing was its chirpy little bleeps and whoops; but what if Poe's robo-pal was loaded with a less lovable vocabulary?

YouTuber Brian Elder has sadistically shattered all fondness we held for BB-8 by creating a video that depicts the droid as a Windows XP machine, complete with obnoxious sound effects, error messages and a fleeting cameo by hated Windows mascot, Clippy.

A word of warning, BB-8 fans: after watching the video below, you'll be left with no feelings for the droid except the strong desire to kick it like the football it so strongly resembles.