Marine Le Pen
Far-right Nation Front party leader Marine Le Pen is polling at 22 percent Reuters

Tory MP Bill Cash has said that Europe is under threat from the rise of right-wing extremists as a result of the "completely undemocratic" European Union.

Speaking to the International Business Times UK, Cash said: "This is an inevitable consequence of politicians forcing the EU on to people.

"The union has falsely given hope to people and now we are more likely to see a rise of the extreme right."

Cash, who has opposed the EU since the early 1990s when Prime Minister John Major signed the Maastricht Treaty, has continued to lobby within Parliament against the eurozone project.

Cash, a eurosceptic, said: "When previously in France, Holland, Ireland and Denmark there have been referendums, the no vote has been overturned by bribing and threatening the electorate.

"This kind of behaviour, combined with economic and political crisis measures, is a fertile breeding ground for the far-right."

In tandem with the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party in Britain, there has been a rise of anti-Europe parties on the continent.

"Leader of the far-right Nation Front party, Marine Le Pen, is running at 22 percent," said Cash. "If you look at what [Angela] Merkel said in an interview with the Guardian, she wanted an 'inner political union'. But what she really means is essentially a German political union. And who will want that?"

The prime minister, David Cameron, said in a speech to delegates at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that it may be "up to Germany" to weaken its strong economy and to bring it in line with Greece and Spain.

"Of course, they won't do that," Cash said. "Do you think that the people of Germany would want to make their economy weaker?"

The Stone MP, speaking at a backbench-led debate ahead of the European Council meeting, praised Cameron for wielding the UK's veto at a European summit last month.

But he blasted the Conservatives' coalition partners, dubbing the Liberal Democrats "an obstruction to our vital national interest", and demanded that Britain is spared from funding any more eurozone bailouts.

"We in the UK should not pay one penny to provide funds for the EU bailout, which if it were done within the EU itself would be deeply unlawful," Cash added.