Boko haram extremists attack Nigeria
The extremists attacked the village and set homes ablaze in the early hours of Friday YouTube

The Nigerian Islamic militant group Boko Haram has launched a deadly attack on a village in Borno State killing at least 100 people and hoisting their black and white flag in the area.

The surprise attack started during the early hours of Friday (18 July) when the extremists stormed Damboa town, which is located nearly 85kms from state capital Maiduguri.

The village is situated near the dreaded Sambisa forest reserve, which the Islamists have turned into one of their safe havens.

Following their declaration of Islamist territory, Boko Haram fighters have driven out scores of people from the nearby villages.

Dozens of people thrown out of at least nine villages are on the run as the Boko Haram militants have been circulating letters threatening to carry out further attacks.

The militants fired rocket-propelled grenades and hurled home-made explosives randomly at the village in the dawn attack. Shops, houses, offices and vehicles in the entire village have been burnt down.

The extremist group staged yet another attack later in the day when the residents were picking up the bodies of the victims, and arranging for the funeral of those who were killed in the morning firing.

The area has witnessed bloody violence in the last several days and the village was largely undefended by the Nigerian military.

The only protection available for the village when the Boko Haram extremists trooped in was that of the local vigilante, who are armed with nothing more than clubs and homemade rifles.

"There is no single person in Damboa as we are speaking now except the insurgents," said a vigilante member, according to the Premium Times.