Chelsea defender David Luiz has laughed off suggestions that former Manchester United defender Gary Neville's description of him as a 'PlayStation Player' has contributed to his erratic form this season.

Neville, now a television pundit for Sky Sports, gave a withering assessment of the Brazil international during Chelsea's 2-1 defeat to Liverpool last November, saying: "His movement is like he's being controlled by a 10 year-old with a PlayStation controller."

Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas reacted angrily to the ex-Manchester United captain's comments, accusing him of a lack of respect and questioning Neville's authority on the game.

But Luiz, 24, revealed he was unmoved by Neville's comments and insists such criticism is part-and-parcel of the modern game.

"I don't feel anything about it," Luiz told the Daily Telegraph. "I just laugh about it - because I am a very simple and laid-back guy. I also made sure that I replied to Gary Neville through Twitter and I told him that I loved him. It's normal.

"He was an excellent player who played for many, many years for Manchester United. Any player needs to be prepared to face this sort of criticism, because if you are not, then don't play football, play something else, or just stay at home and play on the PlayStation!"

The Chelsea defender came under renewed scrutiny last weekend after Alan Hansen delivered another harsh assessment of the Blues' backline.

BBC pundit Hansen claimed Luiz "wouldn't know what a good position is if it was staring him in the face," following Chelsea's 2-1 Premier League win at Wolves.

"Jose Bosingwa makes Luiz look like a world-beater at times. He is so bad it's embarrassing," he added.

And Villas-Boas reacted angrily to the latest judgment of his Chelsea squad, delivering a cutting critique of Hansen's opinion.

"I really can't get myself involved with these people again," the Chelsea boss said. "Alan doesn't have the privilege that I have, to work with these players every day.

"If everybody had perfect games, first media pundits would have no jobs because there would be no one to criticise.

"You'd have to find jobs in professional football, which is a little but harder."

And the Portuguese backed Luiz to respond to those in the media who have doubted his ability to perform in the Premier League.

"I think he's played fantastically since the start," Villas-Boas said. "You have to agree that there are misconceptions created from the start, since the player's arrival.

"Sometimes a player has to carry that stamp for the rest of his life. Just maybe, you got that impression with David.

"I saw him in Portugal, and now I can work with him. He's going to be one of the greatest central defenders in the world. Because of his characteristics: technical ability, anticipation and speed."

As for Luiz himself, he remains typically relaxed about the sustained analysis of his club career.

"Football is changing everywhere and my style was what brought me over here," he insists. "I love English football, the physicality, the pace. It is the type of football that really suits me, and I really enjoy it, and it helps my game.

''I know my style is different, but if everything was OK and Chelsea were at the top of the table, everybody would be praising my skills or the way we do it. But when things are not going well, that is when people take the opportunity to make the criticisms and then they think that everything is going wrong.

"I understand this vision of me because, obviously, it's a different culture; a different type of football. But I have spent my whole life playing football from midfield, and it was only when I was 17 that I changed to become a defender. And that is the position I feel comfortable in, that I like to play. But that's what made me shine at Benfica, that's the way I always played there, and that's David Luiz. That's the style of David Luiz.

"I'm sure that those who do not like this now, maybe in the future they are going to appreciate it, or maybe those who like it now will not appreciate it later on. But it does not matter. Nothing affects me. Because it is not about David Luiz - it is about Chelsea."