Bruce Prichard has revealed that soon after Kurt Angle won gold at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, the WWE was interested in hiring the wrestler, but he almost ruined his career even before starting it.

Speaking on the recent episode of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, the former WWE manager and producer said he had cut short his meeting with Angle and asked him to leave as the latter clearly told him that being an Olympic gold medallist "he couldn't possibly ever lose a match".

"I met Kurt when he came in. First, he met with Vince [McMahon]. They all went in and met with Vince alone. Afterwards, Vince sent him into my office to talk to him a little bit more about the business and get a feel for what Kurt's desires were, what he was really looking for, what he knew about the business, and what have you," Prichard said.

"He's the best there is and no one could ever beat him. No one would ever believe that he could lose a match. So I thanked Kurt for his time and I wished him very well with his gold medal and moved on."

However, Angle joined the WWE in 1998 after Jim Ross told Prichard that the wrestler could make a positive impact with his change in attitude towards the wrestling entertainment company.

"I want to say Kurt reached out to the WWF at this point. I believe J.R. [Jim Ross] reached... kind of extended the olive branch a little bit after Kurt had not been setting the world on fire with his sportscasting and pizza sales. So, 'hey kid, if you're still interested, we can come back and talk, come back to the table, maybe it ain't so bad.' And Vince, J.R., spoke with him and Kurt's attitude had changed quite a bit."

Kurt Angle
Former WWE superstar Kurt Angle