The former WWE women's champion Molly Holly has opened up about what she did to be on the main card of WrestleMania 20. The former WWE star has said she had to put her hair on the line to be included in the biggest pay-per-view (PPV) event that the wrestling entertainment company hosts every year.

In a video realised by the WWE, Holly disclosed to former WWE women's champions Madusa and Ivory that the idea of a Hair vs Title fight at the PPV event was hers.

Holly recently opened up about why she quit the WWE in 2005. Appearing on the The Art Of Wrestling with Colt Cabana she also revealed WWE chairman Vince McMahon's reaction to her decision to part ways with the WWE.

As she felt she could not be in the WWE for another day, she went to McMahon's office and told him she wanted to quit despite having nine more months in her contract, Holly said. She also said that McMahon praised her and told her she could always come back if she felt like returning to the WWE.

John Laurinaitis — who was then in charge of Talent Relations — was upset with her as she met McMahon instead of him, she added.

"I didn't feel like Johnny could communicate to Vince in the same way I could, but Johnny was like, 'are you sure you don't just want some time off?' and I was like, 'I'm just done."

Molly Holly
Molly Holly (L) recently opened up about why she quit the WWE in 2005 Getty