An article about Vine sensation Bryan Silva shot dead in Virginia has turned out to be a hoax.

According to the story published on, Silva was killed for reportedly using racial slurs.

"Around 11:00 a.m., Brian, 23, was gunned down just outside a doorway at 1840 W Broad St. He had been shot five times in the head, becoming the first Caucasian killed in the area for overusing the "N" word," the fake report read. "At the scene, Bryan's body remained where he fell with a white sheet covering for an extended amount of time and in view of his relatives. Their emotions shifting from shock, to sadness and then anger."

The story went on to say that "Silva's relatives were also calling for the demolition of the Virginia Community housing project saying 'too many black people live there'".

The report included a made-up quote from his father Michael Silva saying: "Many white people say the "N" word on a daily basis, Bryan didn't deserve this!"

Despite the story being false, his fans took to Twitter to mourn his death.

my friend told me that bryan silva the gratata guy was shot and died and I started crying in the locker room

— k (@EMOKlDS) May 5, 2014

That guy Bryan Silva from the vine gratata died 😶 got shot 5 times in the head ...damnn

— 🇨🇻 URI HOKAGE (@Dj_Intimate) May 5, 2014

Silva who has over a quarter million followers on video-sharing site Vine, is an aspiring rapper, porn star and body builder.

During an interview with Complex on 1 May, he talked about his Vine videos going viral, and said it is due to "hard work".

"I think it was mainly from all my hard work from the past years, from all the promoting," Silva said. "My name, Bryan Silva, when you say it it's one of those names that literally gets stuck inside your head to where you don't forget it. On top of that, my body, my face, everything I do, my personality, how I put myself out there, all that. It all stands out to everyone else. What got me on WorldStar was my one flexing video."