Cardiff City have banned more fans from their ground than any other English club, a new study has revealed.

The Premier League new boys, who have long been blighted by a reputation for hooliganism, have issued a total of 135 banning orders to stop unruly fans from attending their matches.

Premier League title contenders Chelsea and Manchester United come in second and third with 112 and 98 banned fans respectively.

Leeds United and West Ham United make up the top five, with 91 and 78 fans banned from their grounds.

More than 2,700 supporters have been banned from attending games across the 92 league clubs.

The teams with the best behaved fans are League One's Milton Keynes Dons and League two's Burton Albion, who have not had to impose a banning order on any of their fans.

Supporters of the Bluebirds have said the table does not give a fair indication of the behaviour of Cardiff City fans, as many of the bans came as a result of a "one off" incident against Chelsea in the 2010 FA Cup.

Supporters from both teams were involved in clashes near Chelsea's Stamford Bridge ground, resulting in more than 90 convictions for disorder and affray.

Vince Alm, chairman of Cardiff City Supporters Club, told the Sun: "We did have problems in years gone by but the police put a lot of resources in - and it has worked.

"We may be top of the league for banning orders but we will soon drop like a stone in coming years as orders expire.

"We only had one arrest last season. We are getting bigger attendances but arrests have gone down. It shows we are going the right way."

A group of Bristol City supporters were banned for a total more than 100 years after being involved in a mass brawl outside the Cardiff City Stadium on 16 February.

A total of 32 fans were banned for between three and eight years following the violence.