Caroline Lucas MP, leader of the Green Party
Caroline Lucas MP, leader of the Green Party Reuters

A new website which invites members of the public to rate the sexiness of MPs,, suggests that politicians from Northern Ireland are the least sexy MPs to sit in Westminster, while Green Party's Caroline Lucas can proudly boast that she is personally responsible for taking her party to the top of the sexiness table in the Mother of Parliaments.

The website presents visitors with a choice of two randomly generated MPs. The visitor then is able to choose which of them is the sexiest. The results are factored into the site, making for a constantly changing list which shows all 650 MPs in order of sexiness.

The fact that visitors are constantly voting means that the rankings change on what seems like an hourly basis although changes in position for the various MPs do not seem to be too drastic, the top of the list being constantly dominated by Conservative women of the A-list variety and the bottom by unreformed Labour types and some of the older Tories.

So we at IBTimes decided to see not only which MPs are the sexiest, but which parties. To do this we added up every MP's "score" within each party and divided by the number of MPs in the party, giving an "average sexiness score" to each party.

The results were surprising. While the top of the list is dominated by Tory hotties, the party average was brought down by the old guard at the bottom, putting the governing party into 4th place in the party sexiness table.

In first place came the Green Party, whose one and only MP, Caroline Lucas, scored highly with 1,748 points for both herself and her party. Luckily for her the Green's have not yet managed to get any of their more beardy members elected to Parliament, a move that would almost certainly drag down the party sexiness rating.

A similar phenomenon placed the Independent Sylvia Hermon, an MP for Northern Ireland, second behind the greens.

However she could be regarded as something of an anomaly as Northern Irish politicians have been judged the least sexy of all, with all Northern Irish parties coming bottom of the table. At rock bottom is Sinn Fein, probably as terrorist connections are not the most attractive feature of a person.

Separatism does not mean an end to sexiness however as the Scottish National Party's six MPs managed to get an average sexiness rating of 1,579, thanks mainly to the high score of one Eilidh Whiteford, MP for Banff and Buchan.

Of the three main parties the Conservatives emerged as the most sexy and the Liberal Democrats the least. Within the Labour movement, members of the Labour Co-operative Party (which includes Ed Balls) where considered to be more sexy than regular Labour MPs.

The average sexiness rating of all 650 MPs was 1,486, making Foreign Secretary William Hague what you might call Parliament's "Mr Average" as his rating is exactly that.

Below are the rankings according to each party's average sexiness score:









Labour Co-operative


Speaker of the House




Liberal Democrats


Plaid Cymru






Democratic Unionist


Sinn Fein