A U.S. executive and Chinese workers who held him captive for six days reached a resolution to a row about pay on Thursday (June 27).

Chip Starnes, President of the Florida-based Speciality Medical Supplies was held captive by about 100 of his own workers on the outskirts of Beijing since last Friday (June 21).

The workers' demands followed rumours that the entire plant was being closed after the company's plastic injection molding division began a move to India to lower production costs. Starnes has said no more layoffs were planned.

After rounds of negotiations between Starnes and the workers as well as mediation efforts from the local labour administration and labour union, Chu Lixiang, of the Huairou District Labour Union said the stand-off was resolved.

Starnes told media on Wednesday (June 26) that his company has plans to keep the factory in China, and that he plans to spend the next two weeks in Beijing before returning to the U.S..

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