Christina Hendricks Charlize Theron
Christina Hendricks and Charlize Theron Getty Images

While Hollywood stars often portray characters beyond their years, Christiana Hendricks has revealed that she was left unimpressed after being offered the role of Charlize Theron's mother.

The 40-year-old femme fatale, who is just three months older than the Snow White and the Huntsman actress, recalled the awkward moment during an appearance on James Corden's Late Late Show, admitting that she simply froze in horror.

The redhead icon revealed that there had been a last-minute change to her role in the upcoming film adaptation of the Gillian Flynn mystery after Samantha Morton pulled out. She was asked to play the role of Patty Day, mother to Theron's character Libby.

"I walked on set and they had just lost their other lead to play Charlize's mom," the Mad Men star said, being interviewed by Corden alongside Laverne Cox.

"They said 'Would you consider taking on this role?' and I sort of just froze."

Cox couldn't hide her confusion over the casting proposal and The Orange Is The New Black star chimed in asking "Charlize's mom?"

"Yes," Hendricks laughed, before clarifying: "In flashbacks.'"

Hendricks , who was originally cast to play stripper Krissi Cates in the film, knows a little about unorthodox ways of making cash.

The star, who is best known for playing Joan Harris in Mad Men, revealed that she used to make cash working part-time as a shampoo girl while at school.

She managed to keep the job for years despite a major slip-up on her first day.

"I do remember one of the first days at work," she told Corden. "You have that hose and you're trying to be professional. My boss had a big painting of himself in the salon and it slipped out of my hand.

"It was on the client and on the painting. I was trying to get a handle on it. It was one of those bad shampoo girl days."

Dark Places is scheduled for release on 7 August.