Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Some Galaxy S24 Ultra users are reporting issues with the Circle to Search feature. Wikimedia Commons

Despite Samsung's heavy promotion, the Circle to Search feature on the new Galaxy S24 Ultra is reportedly experiencing functionality issues, disappointing some early adopters. Some speculate that the recently rolled-out Google update might be causing compatibility issues with the Circle to Search feature.

With the Circle to Search function, Galaxy S24 series users can initiate a web search for that specific item simply by drawing a circle around on-screen content. The feature aims to simplify information retrieval and can be activated by pressing a long button on the home button.

Introduced with the Galaxy S24 series, Circle to Search has since expanded to compatible Galaxy devices, including the Galaxy S23. In January, Samsung made the Circle to Search feature available on Google's Pixel smartphones. Even iPhone users can now experience the latest Galaxy AI features in the Try Galaxy app.

Galaxy S24 Ultra users are reporting issues with Circle to Search on the Samsung Community forums. The feature fails to deliver results, displaying an error message indicating, "It Looks Like There Aren't Many Great Matches For Your Search."

Affected users claim they have granted all necessary permissions and have set up Google Assistant. The Circle to Search issue persists despite these troubleshooting steps, including a factory reset. One user theorised that the latest Google update might be the culprit.

While downgrading apps can have security risks, the user opted to downgrade from the latest version by going to the Play Store, finding the Google app, and tapping uninstall. It is worth noting that these steps don't uninstall the app from the phone; they downgrade it to the previous version.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra's Circle to Search feature started working again after this workaround. However, this approach carries security risks and isn't officially recommended. It's best to wait for an official fix from Samsung or Google.

Samsung wants to be a major player in AI

While Samsung tackles software glitches with the Circle to Search feature, the Korean smartphone giant is actively embracing artificial Intelligence (AI) in its quest to be at the forefront of the AI space.

With global economic uncertainties, Samsung has been steadily integrating AI across its product portfolio, from smartphones to washing machines. The company has emphasised its commitment to AI as a critical driver of future growth.

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee underscored the company's commitment to AI, emphasising plans to expand innovation in the burgeoning AI landscape and generate new avenues for sustainable growth.

Han Jong-hee delivered these remarks at the company's annual shareholder meeting, held at the Suwon Convention Center in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, according to a report by the Korea Herald.

"Along with the high economic uncertainties, we expect new opportunities to increase through next-generation technological innovations such as the full-fledged launch of the AI ​​era," Han said.