Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung's updated Try Galaxy app now lets iPhone users and non Galaxy phone users experience the S24's AI features. Wikimedia Commons

Samsung's Try Galaxy app now lets you experience the latest AI features of the Galaxy S24, even if you are using an iPhone or another Android phone.Previou sly limited to iOS devices, the Try Galaxy app is now available on all Android phones, allowing you to experience the latest Galaxy features without needing a Galaxy phone.

You can experience the power of Galaxy AI on your Android phone by downloading the Try Galaxy app. The app will allow you to explore exciting features like Live Translate, Chat Assist, Note Assist, Photo Assist and Circle to Search, all designed to offer Galaxy owners a whole new level of functionality.

The updated Try Galaxy app lets you experience the look and feel of the Galaxy S24's home screen. You can refer to tutorials and interactive content to learn more about the new features.

The second page of the home screen features a widget that introduces the core AI-powered features of the Galaxy S24 series and its impressive camera setup. By tapping each item, you can watch short demonstration videos that divulge key details about the features and demonstrate their multiple use cases.

The app conveniently tracks your progress by marking completed items with check marks. The widget showcases these new AI-powered features:

Live Translate

Live Translate, as the name suggests, bridges language barriers in real time using AI. Galaxy AI will translate messages and conversations into your preferred language, whether you are texting or on a call.

"Effortlessly get in touch with a ride-share driver or make a restaurant reservation in a foreign country with voice and text translations of phone calls, supported in 13 languages," the company noted in a blog post on the Samsung Newsroom UK website.

Note Assist

Samsung's AI assistant in the Notes app does the hard work for you by automatically formatting your notes. The technology is also capable of correcting typos and translating sections on the fly. It even shortens lengthy paragraphs into clear, scannable bullet points.

Chat Assist

Galaxy AI can come in handy for those who struggle to craft the perfect tone for their emails, texts or documents. Chat Assist is designed to refine your writing to achieve the right tone for various occasions, including professional and casual.

"Send polished meeting agendas to the boss, and chat with international friends in Spanish. The AI built into the Samsung Keyboard can also translate messages in real-time in 13 languages, so that users can communicate better across cultural and language barriers," Samsung says.

Photo Assist

While Google's Pixel series phones are usually associated with AI-powered photo editing functionalities, Samsung is raising the bar. The Korean brand's new Generative Edit tool allows you to magically resize, reposition, and even remove unwanted objects from photos.

Samsung's technology intelligently fills in any gaps left behind, ensuring your photos look natural and seamless, even after editing. Aside from this, there's a new Erase Reflection tool that will help you get rid of unwanted shadows and light reflections from glass and water.

Circle to Search with Google

Samsung has been sparing no effort to promote the Circle to Search feature lately. In addition to turning London's iconic Tube map into a giant Circle to Search puzzle to mark a new era of Galaxy AI, the Korean tech giant painted giant glowing circles across the clear skies above Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

To use the feature, you just need to draw a circle on your screen and Galaxy S24's AI will instantly launch a Google search for anything you see, be it text, clothing, movie stills, celebrities, or practically anything else, without requiring you to switch apps.

The Try Galaxy app also allows you to experience the functionalities and features of the latest Galaxy S24 series while giving you an overview of its advanced camera system. Regrettably, you will not be able to directly experience the superior camera hardware.

Nevertheless, the Try Galaxy app provides valuable insights and demonstrations to help you explore the potential of the Galaxy S24 lineup.