Louise Bagshawe
Babes of the Conservative Party Conference Reuters

In 1997 we had 'Blair's Babes' and in 2011 the tradition has continued. Male politicians are under intense media pressure to show themselves as the modern and progressive politicians that the House of Commons clearly is not.

After modelling his whole political life on Tony Blair, has David Cameron now bought into the idea of promoting women to the top of Cabinet based on their looks, not their abilities? Will David Cameron's policy be branded "Cameron's Cuties" or even "Cameron's Concubines"?

Here are the 10 female MP's to look out for on the stage at the Conservative Party Conference

Charlotte Leslie

Mary Macleod

Nicola Blackwood

Amber Rudd

Louise Bagshawe

Rebecca Harris

Chloe Smith

Esther Mcvey

Claire Perry

Maria Miller