The Wuhan novel coronavirus has claimed more than 170 lives and infected nearly 8000 people. Amidst fears of getting infected by the virus, the spread of misinformation poses a real threat as well. Doctors around the world are trying to create a vaccine to prevent the virus from spreading. While there are no real remedies or vaccines at this point, quack remedies are circulating on various social media platforms. One of the harmful remedies being suggested in the ingestion of a chemical concoction containing bleach.

Far-right conspiracy group QAnon is propagating the use of Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS as a prevention and cure technique for the Wuhan coronavirus. There are various kinds of MMS mixtures that are being propagated by the group. QAnon influencers are pushing followers of the group to buy a concoction called the 20-20-20 spray.

According to the influencers promoting the concoction, the spray is effective in killing the coronavirus. QAnon influencer Jordan Sather used Twitter and YouTube to tell his followers that he will be using MMS to protect his home from the virus.

China Sars-like virus
Medical facilities in Wuhan, the epicentre of the virus, have been overwhelmed Photo: AFP / Hector RETAMAL

A more harmful anonymous influencer called "Chief Police 2" posted a video talking about the benefits of the 20-20-20 spray. Around 17,800 followers of the YouTuber saw the video, where he added the link to the website which sells the poisonous concoction. Links provided by the influencer leads to a website which offers directions for oral consumption of the lethal liquid.

The Food and Drug Administration had repeatedly warned against the consumption of the concoction.

It is not only the coronavirus that can be miraculously cured by the MMS, according to the group. The mixture can cure diabetes, autism, cancer, and AIDS.

The main ingredient of MMS is sodium chlorite. Consumption of the chemical can have fatal consequences. The Sun pointed out that ingesting bleach can cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, low blood pressure as well as dehydration. Prolonged consumption or a large dose can cause kidney failure as well.

The only way to stay safe from the coronavirus is to maintain good personal hygiene and avoid contact with infected individuals. All other "cures" are ineffective against the virus.