Now you can own a piece of the ill-fated cruise liner, Costa Concordia, since some of the items from the sunken ship are up for auction on eBay.

Souvenirs, including a one euro casino token, model replica of Costa Concordia and post cards are among the items up for sale on the eBay.

A German user, manlux1, has put up a model of the Costa Concordia for £126.91 ($199). Another user has offered a one euro casino token which he is expected to fetch £573.94 ($900).


Coloured pictures of the items along with evidences of authenticity are posted on the eBay website and the bidding ends on February 6.

Several postcards are also on sale at the e-marketing site by the passengers of the ill-fated ship.

Meanwhile, more stories about the coward captain leaving the passengers at the mercy of fate have emerged.

Francesco Schettino, the ship's captain, had abandoned the ship after changing his uniform and securing his laptop, the Daily Mail has reported the doctor of the ship as saying.

Seventeen people are confirmed dead while 15 people are still missing in the tragedy which struck Costa Concordia on January 13.

The rescue operators have abandoned the search operation for the missing people.