A lucky couple won The National Lottery and became millionaires just seven days before they got married. The couple, Christine Jane, 50, and her husband Nick, 55, managed to win £1,000,000 in the Lotto draw on October 15 this year.

Jane, who is a homemaker, said that she was so surprised after winning the lottery that she "literally fell off the bed," writes The Mirror. Her husband was also left stunned when he found out about their win.

She said: "It was the Sunday morning – the day after the Lotto draw – that I checked the winning numbers on my phone. I knew we had won something but didn't register what so I woke my stepson up to check."

"I took the ticket to the local Spa to get them to run it through the National Lottery terminal and when the man behind the counter said, 'Oh my God, you've won the lottery! I immediately said, 'can I have my winnings now?' He replied, 'No, it's too much for us to pay out, it's £1,000,000! You'll have to phone Camelot!'"

The woman says she wants to spend the money on a dolphin spotting trip off the coast of St. Ives and on buying a house. The couple, who have four grown children each, tied the knot a week after winning the lottery.

The Lotto is by far the most popular lottery in the country, with around 15 to 45 million tickets sold each draw, though the odds of winning the lottery are estimated to be about one in 14 million. It is regulated by the Gambling Commission and is currently operated by the Camelot Group.

In April 2016, one of the biggest ever Lotto winners won £35 million and chose to collect their winnings anonymously. Lotto tickets may be bought in person at approved premises in the UK or online at accredited sites. As of April 2021, only those 18 years old and above may buy scratch cards, and play Lotto, Thunderball, EuroMillions, or Set For Life.

Several people have won the lotteries over the years and have chosen to spend the money on various things, such as Louis Vuitton bags, dogs, cars, holidays abroad, and houses.

UK National Lottery stands in supermarket
Two UK National Lottery ticket stands just inside the main entrance of the Tesco Extra superstore in Yarrow Road, Tower Park, Poole, Dorset, England. The lottery terminal is some way to the right, out of the picture. Chris Downer/Wikimedia Commons