With barely a few months left before the projected delivery date of the first few 2019 novel coronavirus jabs, people have expressed a positive outlook. Based on the results recorded by multiple phases of trials, the vaccines are reportedly safe and produce the intended effects. Nevertheless, there are still medical experts who remain sceptical and warn the public not to set their expectations too high. Instead, it will take some effort and time to completely control the devastating health crisis.

Although others projected the availability of the doses before 2020 ends, scientists believe it is more realistic for distribution channels and outlets to have it ready early next year. Moreover, it should be noted that the vaccination itself will not immediately deliver dramatic results in such a short period. Even with the help of the United States' Operation Warp Speed initiative, it would likely take several months for doses to become accessible globally.

"The expectation needs to be tempered really that this is not going to be the thing that gets rid of the virus," stated University College London Professor of Virology Deenan Pillay. "It will be one component of many... everyone is fed up with just hearing that the cavalry or moonshot or world-beating... the net result is people lose trust in the Government if they overblow things, which is a worry. Overblowing the expectation at this stage promises to really derail things if the vaccine is not as good as first made out."

As noted, it all boils down to how the vaccine can arrest transmission and prevent severe symptoms among those who are exposed to SARS-CoV-2. According to analysts, aside from frontline workers, the British healthcare system will prioritise residents and staff of care homes first. The next in line would be people aged 80 or older and social care workers. Meanwhile, those under 50 and in good health are supposedly at the end of the list.

Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine phase 3
The final phase of its trials will include up to 60,000 adult subjects and will be distributed across 215 sites in the U.S. as well as globally. Photo: Johnson & Johnson

Researchers also pointed out that it is crucial for governments to come up with an action plan ahead of the coronavirus vaccine distribution. Mass testing must still be conducted to give officials an overview of the inoculation's effectiveness. Furthermore, improvements in care and treatment of those with COVID-19 can also lead the eventual eradication of the pandemic.