• Footage emerged of the Brazilian fighter attacking Angela Magana at the UFC fighter retreat.
  • Cyborg has since released a statement on her Facebook page.

Cris "Cyborg" Justino could face a $1,000 (£770) fine and six months in jail for a misdemeanor battery charge after she punched fellow UFC fighter Angela Magana on Sunday (21 May).

With most of the UFC roster in Las Vegas this past weekend for an athlete retreat, tempers flared as "Cyborg" confronted strawweight fighter Magana who had posted an insulting tweet about her before she was punched by the 31-year-old.

While "Cyborg" will not be arrested, she was cited on Monday (22 May) for misdemeanor battery by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

"This is a misdemeanor crime, which is the lowest of Nevada penalties," officer Larry Hadfield said, as quoted on MMAJunkie. "When they found probable cause to believe the crime had occurred, they cited that other individual. For us, it's a very minor call, I guess you could say."

The charge, if imposed, carries a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment and a $1,000 (£770) fine in the state of Nevada. According to Hadfield, Magana, who suffered a laceration on her face, wanted to press charges as it was the UFC who called the police.

Magana also claims that the police are looking into felony assault charges instead of a misdemeanor battery and that the Brazilian will be released by the UFC. The women's featherweight star was recently cleared to fight by USADA and was expected to make her comeback at UFC 214 on 29 July.

"Cyborg" has since, released a statement on her Facebook page regarding how the higher-ups in the UFC are setting a bad example, leading to everyone affiliated with the company following that standard.

"When disparaging comments are made at the top, it sets an example that it is acceptable within the company allowing lower ranking individuals to continuing following examples of leaders, establishing the culture and practices of the company. It is no secret I have been a victim of online bullying."

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Cris Cyborg was involved in an altercation with Angela Magana at the UFC fighter retreat getty