The president of Cyprus had promised the start of a new day after he clinched a last minute bail out deal in Brussels but the people of Nicosia woke up on Tuesday (March 26th) to much the same story with banks closed and even stricter limits on how much they could withdraw at ATMs.

The Central Bank of Cyprus had said on Monday (March 25th) all banks would open on Tuesday with the exception of the two main ones, the Bank of Cyprus and the Cyrpus Popular Bank.

But late on Monday night a statement was issued announcing the continued closure of all banks until Thursday (March 28th) whilst the president said there would be further if temporary restrictions on capital bank withdrawals to 100 euros.

Banks first closed over a week ago.

The Central Bank said the decision was taken to ensure the "smooth functioning of the whole banking system".

People trying to go about their daily business were frustrated by the continued impasse despite the breakthrough in Brussels.

One newspaper, the Cyprus Mail, made a reference to the president's promise to appoint an investigator to get to the source of the crisis: "Charges for those to blame for the crisis".

Another headline talked about the decision to wind up the second largest bank, Cyprus Popular Bank.

European leaders said a chaotic national bankruptcy that might have forced Cyprus from the euro and upset Europe's economy was averted - though investors in other European banks are alarmed by the precedent of losses for depositors in Cyprus.

But many Cypriots say they felt anything but reassured by the bailout deal and are expected to besiege banks as soon as they reopen.

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