Dani Alves
Former Barcelona defender Dani Alves AFP / Ulises Ruiz

Former FC Barcelona defender Dani Alves remains in prison while awaiting trial for his rape case. Meanwhile, it has been reported that his wife, Joana Sanz, who is set to divorce him, has been kicked out of their home by none other than his ex-partner, Dinora Santana.

The news was revealed by the Spanish programme called "Fiesta," which airs on Telecinco. According to the hosts, Sanz was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement in connection with her relationship with the high profile footballer. It is understood that the Spanish model refused to sign such paperwork.

As a result, she was forced out of the home that she used to share with Alves. It is presently unclear where this home is located. Alves primarily lived in Barcelona for a big part of his adult life while playing for the Blaugrana. However, he has since played for Juventus, Paris-Saint Germain, Sao Paulo, again for Barcelona and most recently for Pumas UNAM in Mexico.

Alves and Sanz had been in Barcelona at the time of his arrest, but she has since been spotted in Paris. In any case, the house in question is reportedly under the control of Santana, with whom Alves shares two teenage children.

Sanz has not confirmed the reports, but she has long since revealed her intention to move on with her life following the death of her mother and the devastating breakdown of her marriage to the footballer.

Why is Alves still in prison?

It may be remembered that Alves was arrested back in January when he returned to Spain to attend the funeral of his wife's mother. They were already based in Mexico at the time, and had recently been in Barcelona to celebrate the New Year holiday. However, they had to return from Mexico following the tragedy.

However, Alves was arrested and later detained in prison after a woman accused him of rape after having met him at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona at the end of December. The judge has refused to grant him bail due to the fact that he poses a substantial flight risk thanks to his dual citizenship and financial capabilities.

The case is still ongoing, and Alves initially denied knowing his accuser. He was later forced to admit that he cheated on his wife, but maintained that his sexual encounter with the woman was purely consensual.

Joana Sanz decides to file for divorce

It was not immediately clear if Sanz would file for divorce especially after she stated that she was not planning on leaving Alves at his darkest hour. She has since changed her mind and confirmed that she fully intends to move on with her life and end her marriage with the footballer.

However, according to Marca, Alves has so far refused to sign the divorce papers. Sanz meanwhile, is determined to push through with her plans. If it is true that she has been forced out of the marital home by the mother of Alves' children, then there will be little hope for a reconciliation.

It was earlier believed that the legal team in charge of the defence was hoping to keep Sanz on board to help Alves. If they are able to keep his marriage intact, it was thought to have been a demonstration of the trust between husband and wife and would have helped prove his innocence.

However, Sanz has since denied that there is any deal and has also slammed rumours saying that she is being paid to stay with Alves until the case is over. She has criticised the media numerous times over the past several months over reports which she claims are far from the truth. "I don't understand the need to invent news," she said.