Daniel Cormier believes UFC fans have become indifferent towards him because he is too "good" compared to rival Jon Jones.

Cormier (19-1 record in MMA) has been the light heavyweight champion ever since Jones was stripped of the title for his hit-and-run case in 2015.

In what is just one of many incidents involving Jones, the youngest champion in the company's history was most recently pulled from UFC 200 after testing positive for estrogen blockers last summer, denying Cormier a chance to avenge his only loss to "Bones."

Despite all this and more, it is Cormier who has mostly been booed by fans whenever he and Jones are in the same room.

While it bothered "DC" at first, he seems to be embracing the hate lately especially after his win over Anthony "Rumble" Johnson at UFC 210 where he took part in trash talking Jones whose suspension ends in July.

"Lately I've been having to do a little more talking because the fans have, they've kind of turned on me -- which is okay," Cormier said on Edge and Christian's podcast. "I get it. It's okay. But I kind of relate myself to Roman Reigns, John Cena, those types of guys."

"Guys that are supposed to be good guys but the fans just have something that they don't like, something that doesn't resonate with them. So I've kind of been having to talk a little bit more and it's refreshing.

"Maybe I'm not cool enough because I go to work, I fight, when I'm not fighting I go back and I go to my kids' soccer and baseball games. That's what I do. I go to wrestling. I'm not out partying. I'm not out doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Maybe I'm just too boring but I'm fine with it. I like my life."

As for why fans seem to prefer Jones over him, the 38-year-old believes it is because he resonates with them more due to the mistakes he has made in life.

"People don't want to be told, 'I'm good so you should cheer for me.' Jon Jones is a guy that has made a lot of mistakes, so maybe people relate to him more," he added. "They go, 'Forget this Daniel Cormier goody two-shoes, him and his kids and his family. I want the guy that does coke and parties and crashes cars. That's the guy I want.'"

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier says fans resonate more with people like Jon Jones who make mistakes Getty