Former Chancellor Alastair Darling accuses Gordon Brown of being a "brutal and volcanic" prime minister who undermined him by using top aides to denigrate him in his memoir "Back from the Brink: 1,000 Days at No. 11."

Darling also says Yvette Cooper, who is current shadow home secretary, was appointed "to keep an eye on him."
Excerpts from Darling's coming memoirs made their way to the Labour Uncut Website, which outlined mistrust within the government during the financial crisis.
Darling's memoirs, will serve as an expose` about the ongoing splits in Labour, shortly before its annual conference is to be held.
Ed Balls is accused in the memoirs of running a parallel Treasury operation under the premiership of Brown, the Telegraph reports. Balls, Cooper's husband, is now shadow chancellor.
Darling further describes Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, "as amazingly stubborn and exasperating." He says King was unable to develop meaningful relationships with financial regulators that coud have helped prevent a crash.
Darling, still an MP, is generally thought to be skeptical about Labour's economic policies since Balls assumed his new role of shadow chancellor.
Darling has received a cash advance of £75,000 and talks about "prickly and strained" relationships between King and Adam Turner, head of the Financial Services Authority; as well as how the government came close to not renewing King's contract in 2008.
When Brown, he said, tried to sack him in 2008, he threatened to resign; and made an understanding about his "residual loyalty" to Brown, and therefore did not join any plots to oust him from the government.