David Beckham's representatives have dubbed Joey Barton a "madman" after the QPR captain accused the star of using sweatshops to make his fashionable pants.

Beckham recently caused a media storm by releasing his new range of men's underwear for high street fashion label H&M.

Fellow footballer Joey Barton has however expressed his disgust at the cost of the undies claiming that £9.99 was a ridiculous price.

He tweeted: "Not a**ed if they're Beckham's or not. £9.99 for a pair of gruds for H&M is an outrage, do one Becks...... #cheekygit

"Cost about 1p to make in a sweat shop in the 3rd world them bills. £9.99........ #nicelittlebunsenburnerforbecks."

"Is there no limit to what 'Brand Beckham' will endorse for a pound note. Surely they both have enough cash now"

Beckham's management team retaliated to the QPR player's outburst, telling the Daily Star: "These are the statements of a madman. H&M, like David's other partners, are renowned for their good working practices."