David Cameron
David Cameron

There is no excuse for a national leader to ignore history, let alone when the crucial events lie within the memories of many of his listening audience. Why then did David Cameron in his Bloomberg TV speech on the future place of Britain in the European Union, devote the first seven or eight paragraphs to a series of outright lies about the recent past of our troubled continent?

The peace and prosperity that the 27 once sovereign former nations now comprising the European Union enjoy come with thanks to the generous spirit and kindheartedness of millions of Americans and also"Big Oil".

The history of the US Marshall Plan and its even more generous forerunners cannot possibly be denied.

The role of Big Oil, or the Seven Sisters as the major oil companies were called in the days when their influence was at its peak, is less well known and little publicised. It is nevertheless almost equally crucial, for these large companies ensured ever increasing supplies of low-cost oil were available and deliverable to the war-ravaged West throughout the 1950s and 60s. I played a small part in that feat, as I revealed in a brief posting to my blog, Ironies Too, in November 2007.

Fixed-price and abundant energy was the bedrock of European postwar rebirth. It came courtesy of mostly American and some British oil interests. Part of the EU lack of growth today derives from sound industrial investment decisions becoming impossible in an unstable energy pricing environment. Big Oil restored Europe's prosperity.

In light of these clear and mostly well appreciated facts, why do generation after generation of the appointed leaders of the lying, corrupt and eternally non-audited EU spout the complete garbage that their organisation has somehow played a part in the recent peace across the Western part of our continent? A peace, which all know was brought about by the sacrifice of inter alia, American, Australian, Commonwealth and Russian lives, and subsequently guaranteed by Nato, itself an entity quite separate from any of the earlier EU guises, including as it does Canada, Norway and Turkey.

Why is it that the final nail delivered to the communist control of many of the countries to the east of the Rhine is rarely recognised as due to the determination and leadership of US president Ronald Reagan, supported by the Cruise missile-basing decisions of Margaret Thatcher and Helmut Kohl? Why do few remember that during this same period, the navel-gazing EU seemed solely concerned with its own greedy appetite, endlessly arguing over wine lakes and butter mountains while apparently deaf to the poverty and misery so abundant in the third world - some of it lying a short distance beyond the limits of the club?

Such insularity is true even today in the meanspiritedness of its present trade arrangements, asset-stripping greed and in the overpowering obsession with saving the euro. It would almost appear, that for the EU, the rest of the world can go hang!

Individual is paramount

Yet we do not have to even delve back decades to see this ongoing distortion of historical facts. It is evident that all who wish to personally serve the EU must espouse such lies as proof of their own corruptibility and willingness to downgrade and ignore the truth in furtherance of the "Project". Consider the statements averred in the Berlin Declaration of March 2007, set down in supposed celebration of the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Examine such promises and brave claims of noble intentions against the known events within the EU as they have unfolded in the short intervening five or so years since they were first agreed:

"In the European Union, we are turning our common ideals into reality: for us, the individual is paramount. His dignity is inviolable. His rights are inalienable."

I suggest that the reaction of an Athens subway worker, forced back to work at the weekend after the reported threat of five to seven years' imprisonment should he continue his strike, would be one of both mockery and anger. So, too, the Portuguese emigrant seeking work in his country's ex-colony but now independent sovereign nation of Angola.

Contemplate the impact of that empty rhetoric on the unemployed youth in Spain, with no prospect of work and his parents possibly duped of their savings in a bank they'd believed had been protected by their own once sovereign state.

What of the government ministers in Ireland, believing they had shouldered the bad debts of their banks in solidarity to save the euro but now it appears really for the entire liability of such debts to fall mainly upon endless generations of future Irish citizens, as yet unborn.

This, too, became ever clearer just this weekend with the second instalment on the promissory note, now just a few weeks away, as prompt payment is apparently being demanded by the agents of the Troika from this bankrupt and downtrodden country. Quote them the following, if any dare, again from the 2007 Berlin Declaration, and then gauge their likely response:

"The European Union is founded on equal rights and mutually supportive co-operation....

Only together can we continue to preserve our ideal of European society in future for the good of all European Union citizens."

So that is the reason Cameron had to stress the Big Lie at the opening of his speech. It is code to all his fellow conspirators in the secretive and all-powerful club that now manipulates almost every detail of our daily lives, that he is good for all the little lies, too, all those in the Berlin Declaration that tag along behind the big peace lie - like this most laughable of all, where they dare to mention democracy, a concept proven by their actions as one they despise:

"We are striving for peace and freedom, for democracy and the rule of law, for mutual respect and shared responsibility, for prosperity and security, for tolerance and participation, for justice and solidarity."

On the contrary, they are struggling to retain their power and wealth, dishonestly obtained, and will stop at almost nothing to do so. That is why Cameron's speech is not worthy of any consideration beyond paragraph eight. He has nailed his colours to the mast, committing himself to continuing complicity, regardless of the cost to his country, on the promise of what future rewards within the structures of the EU we can merely speculate

Martin Cole runs several politically themed blogs, mainly Ironies Too, and tweets and comments almost unceasingly about the erosions of our liberties