Tesla Cybertruck
Dirty Cybertruck gets chrome makeover! Joplin boater ditches fingerprints for mirror shine. Polishing biz booms with new truck trend. Wikimedia Commons

The unique design of the Tesla Cybertruck has sparked controversy due to potential safety risks for pedestrians, cyclists, and other motorists. And now, a video featuring a Cybertruck with a reflective wrap has reignited concerns about driver visibility.

While reflective coatings on vehicles offer benefits like reduced UV damage, heat buildup, and potentially lower energy consumption (according to Quality Auto Glass Tint), their impact on driver and pedestrian safety on shared roadways remains a concern.

Reddit user Jay Kidd (u/sirkidd2003) shared a GIF of a cutting-edge vehicle with an ultra-reflective exterior cruising through a parking lot. "How is the reflective coating not dangerous to other people on the road? This feels hazardous," the original poster wrote.

reflective Cybertruck
Video of reflective Cybertruck wrap raises safety concerns. Screenshot / Reddit u/sirkidd2003

The video features a Tesla Cybertruck, known for its ultra-hard stainless-steel exoskeleton, shatter-resistant armour glass, and impressive 340-mile range on a single charge. The video sparked outrage on Reddit, with users raising concerns about pedestrian and driver safety, aesthetics, and the environmental impact of such vehicles.

Cybertruck Design Has Been Hotly Debated

"Surely, this coating can't be road-legal. You will blind people at night with this thing," one commented. Heat-reflective paints offer a promising solution for combating rising temperatures. These coatings can cool surfaces up to 10 degrees Celsius by absorbing and re-emitting solar heat.

Applicable to buildings, vehicles, and various structures, cool-paint technology presents a minimally invasive approach with the potential for immediate and significant positive impacts in urban environments.

However, applying this technology to vehicles like the one in the video raises concerns. The reflective coating and the vehicle's design contribute to potential safety issues. The Cybertruck has faced criticism recently due to safety concerns. A Cybertruck owner reportedly sustained a wrist injury requiring emergency room treatment after contact with the vehicle's sharp edges.

Reddit users jumped into the conversation, expressing various opinions and concerns about the Cybertruck. "Cybertruck is banned in the EU because it has a hard front with no crumple zone, making it extra dangerous in a crash," someone commented.

"That is one great big pedestrian killer - look at the f****** sharp angles and corners," another user said. A third user noted that the Cybertruck isn't designed for safety or pedestrian well-being. Instead, it appeals to those who prioritise ostentatious displays and conspicuous consumption.

Despite the ongoing debate surrounding the Cybertruck, Tesla remains a leader in transforming sustainable transportation. The company offers a growing range of increasingly affordable and efficient electric vehicles, potentially further incentivised by the Inflation Reduction Act.

While the Cybertruck's design has sparked safety concerns, some owners are finding creative solutions to address other aspects of the vehicle's ownership experience.

The Polishing Guy Takes on a Challenge

In contrast to concerns about the Cybertruck's safety, Tyson Garvin took a unique approach to tackle a different aspect of ownership: Dust and fingerprint issues. He achieved this by polishing the stainless steel exterior to a mirrored finish.

A die-hard boater from Joplin, Missouri, this Cybertruck owner had his sights set on a gleaming future for his electric vehicle. Even when he pre-ordered his Cybertruck nearly five years ago, he knew exactly what he wanted: a show-stopping shine to match his love for keeping things shipshape on the water.

Mirror finish fixes fingerprint nightmare on Cybertruck, owner says. Facebook / Tyson Garvin

"When we ordered it on Tesla's announcement day, I knew I was going to polish it that day," Garvin told Business Insider in an interview. Disappointed by the delivery experience – dirty truck, uneven finish – Garvin sought a chrome shine. Brylee Waits, "The Polishing Guy," known for semi-trucks, took the challenge despite his inexperience with Cybertrucks.

Waits and his team completed the week-long, 120-hour job. Garvin loved the results – not just looks but easier cleaning, too. "No more fingerprint oil!" he exclaimed.

Tesla hasn't commented, but Waits is inundated. Over 60 inquiries and four trucks await his polishing magic. Following the trend of unique Cybertruck modifications, a recent online buzz highlighted Moonwake Coffee Roasters, a mobile coffee shop ingeniously crafted within the futuristic shell of a Tesla Cybertruck.