Tesla Cybertruck
Cybertruck deliveries plagued by malfunctions & safety concerns. From loose panels to brake failures, early reports paint a worrying picture. Reddit / Bdesign

A Tesla owner's dream of taking his new Cybetruck for a spin turned into a nightmare. He landed in the emergency room with blood spurting from a wrist wound before even getting behind the wheel.

The owner, known only as "Bdesign" relayed his horrifying ordeal in the Tesla forum of cybertruckownersclub.com. He was inspecting a newly delivered Cybertruck when he noticed a little pit on the tailgate. Thinking it was only dirt, he licked his thumb hoping to scrub it off. But the small drivet turned out to be something really sharp and when he jerked his hand away, it caught his wrist.

Bdesign thought that the cut was small, like a paper cut, until blood started spurting out from the wound. The Tesla inspectors who were there and even described that the vehicle "can be dangerous" panicked but helped.

The severity of the injury became undeniable. A few hours later, believing the bleeding to have subsided sufficiently, Bdesign unwrapped the bandage. This decision proved to be a miscalculation. "I unwrapped my wrist and BOOM - spurts of blood all over the kitchen island...," he wrote, "which leaves me here, at the ER."

Growing Cybertruck Woes

This is only one of the many horrific reports owners have been sharing online. Another owner, Elai, called the electric vehicle a "deathtrap" after experiencing the terrifying ordeal during the delivery of his vehicle. He said that the Cybertruck's accelerator pedal cover detached and jammed beneath the floor mat, rendering the car potentially uncontrollable.

Adding to the Cybertruck's woes, a different owner reported a brake failure incident last month. This resulted in a collision while turning and a malfunction of the airbags. While the reported malfunctions, like brake failures and detached pedals, are serious concerns, the Cybertruck's design itself has raised safety questions.

Tests by early reviewers revealed the Tesla Cybertruck's frunk lid posing a potential finger-mangling hazard. Videos showed hot dogs and carrots easily getting crushed when placed in the gap between the lid and the sharp stainless steel side panel.

The most concerning aspect is the razor-sharp edges of the body panels, as related by Bdesign.

Cybertruck Delivery Turns Nightmarish for Owner

Aside from his emergency ordeal, Bdesign shared that his excitement over their truck's arrival turned sour upon delivery. Instead of a pristine vehicle, he encountered a Cybertruck in a disconcertingly "sloppy, sloppy condition."

A dirty film marred the interior windshield, and the body panels bore the unwelcome blemish of a splattery overspray that stubbornly resisted cleaning, merely smearing further. Moreover, the hood sported a smattering of rust spots, necessitating a trip to the store for Bar Keepers Friend.

As if that weren't enough, the driver's-side seal on the tonneau cover hung loose, a further sign of carelessness in preparation even if the vehicle asked for a hefty $100,000 price.

The problems persisted even on the road. While cruising at highway speeds, Bdesign encountered a shocking ordeal: A detached panel in the truck bed.

Tesla Cybertruck
Cybertruck Cuts Owner's Wrist Deep, Sending Him to ER Before Takeoff Reddit / Bdesign

Bdesign, despite his injury and a vehicle with obvious flaws during inspection, thought the truck actually looked beautiful. However, it is undeniable that a vehicle with edges might be capable of inflicting significant injuries during casual interaction contradicts typical safety expectations.

It's important to acknowledge that innovative designs often push boundaries, and time will tell if the Cybertruck's unconventional form represents a calculated risk or a genuine oversight.