Tesla Cybertruck
A Cybertruck owner claimed the EV's brakes malfunctioned just weeks after purchase Pexels

A Tesla Cybertruck owner has reported brakes failing during a turn, causing collision and airbag malfunction. This incident raises concerns similar to those behind a past Tesla recall of 1.1 million vehicles.

Photos of the incident show the Cybertruck with a crumpled front, damaged side panel, and a bent hood. The driver reportedly pressed the brakes to slow down for a turn, but they didn't respond. Moreover, the airbags also failed to deploy during the collision with the pole.

On the Cyber Truck Owners Club forum, the driver claimed the truck didn't slow when they lifted off the accelerator mid-turn. This behaviour could be due to a malfunction in the regenerative braking system. To those unaware, regenerative braking alludes to a system that slows the car and captures energy when drivers lift off the accelerator.

"Guys, I had my truck for less than 350 miles. Something happened I can't explain. I was driving like usual, and when coming into a turn, I released the accelerator, but the speed wasn't reducing, so I pressed the brake, but it didn't engage until it was too late, and I hit a signal light pole. Also, the airbags didn't deploy," the driver wrote. At the time of writing, the post had gained 15+ pages of replies on the message board.

The driver, who'd owned the Cybertruck for five days, reported the brakes failing suddenly without warning signs. This incident echoes a recent report of a new truck breaking down near a dealership, raising concerns about potential quality control issues.

Commenters speculated a problem with regenerative braking, which the driver confirmed felt less effective than usual. "Regen was working, but it was limited. It was different than before (I'm doing a bad job of explaining), hence the application of brakes, which also had a delayed feeling," the driver wrote.

The Cybertruck owner reported being sore but otherwise uninjured and said, "Still love the truck, though." The Cybertruck owner remarkably enjoyed the vehicle despite the accident leaving them sore.

Tesla Cybertruck brake issues raise concerns

Issues with Tesla's regenerative braking system have persisted since at least 2021. The Elon Musk-led automotive company still needs to fully address these concerns, culminating in a massive recall of 1.1 million vehicles in China in 2023.

The recall followed several high-profile incidents where Teslas reportedly malfunctioned. Critics argue that the regenerative braking software can override driver attempts to brake or accelerate, potentially causing serious accidents.

A fatal Model Y accident in China in Nov. 2022 raised suspicions about the regenerative braking system. In 2021, the US safety regulator (NHTSA) closed an investigationinto regenerative braking issues in Teslas, citing no evidence to support the claims.

Tesla previously dismissed similar concerns raised in a 2019 petition as false. "The explanation for the China recall appears to run counter to NHTSA's findings in 2021,' Michael Brooks," the executive director of the nonprofit consumer advocacy group the Center for Auto Safety, told DailyMail.com via email.

Despite the ongoing investigation into Cybertruck's brakes, Tesla remains focused on new product releases, with Elon Musk recently confirming upcoming announcements.