The European egg contamination scandal has hit Denmark with the country's authorities announcing that 20 tonnes of boiled and peeled eggs are tainted with the insecticide fipronil.

However the country's veterinary and food administration said in a statement that the eggs were not dangerous to human health.

"Samples analysed in the Netherlands show traces of fipronil in the eggs, but not as a health hazard," the agency said.

"Because the content is illegal, Danæg Products must withdraw the eggs from their customers."

The eggs were sold to cafes and catering firms, making the Scandinavian country the 10th to be affected.

The insecticide is said to be harmful to the liver, kidneys and thyroid glands if enough are eaten. Romania and Luxembourg have also been affected by the scandal.

Eggs in a carton
Denmark is the latest European country hit by the egg contamination scandal Getty

It emerged that around 700,000 eggs in the UK were implicated in the European egg contamination scandal.

It is alleged that the company Chickfriend used fipronil, which is banned under EU rules, at poultry farms.

The BBC reported that there have been two arrests in connection with the scandal, after raids in Belgium and the Netherlands.