Doomsday Approaches 11.11.11: End of the World or the Day of the Corduroy?

With tomorrow marking the first same-numbered palindrome since 11 Nov., 1911, two theories have emerged regarding its significance, one claiming the world will end, the other that a "Corduroy Messiah" will turn 11.


Despite a lack of solid evidence, or at times even common sense, a number of groups have issued reports suggesting the world will end on 11 Nov., 2011.

One of the prominent "theories" circling the cyber-highways suggests that the Mayan calender prophesised the world's end on the 11 Nov. 2011.

Luckily the exact reason for the 11.11.11 date's link to the ancient calender is questionable at best. The long-count Mayan calender is reported to end soon, though the common date given for its end is actually 21 Dec. 2012.

In fact the only odd things about the date is the fact that it's the only double-figure palindromic date possible and that the Great Blue Norther of 11.11.11 happened on the same day 100 years ago.

The Great Blue Norther of 11.11.11 was a cold snap that swept across the U.S. on Saturday, 11 Nov., 1911. The phenomenon saw temperatures in numerous American cities break record highs in the afternoon before plummeting down to single-digit Fahrenheit temperatures in the evening.

Hurrah for Corduroy

An alternative theory to the significance of 11 Nov., 2011 stems from The Corduroy Appreciation Club (CAC), which is set to celebrate the fact that " THE DATE WHICH MOST CLOSELY RESEMBLES CORDUROY, EVER IS UPON US."

The trouser-loving society has taken a particular shine to the date, issuing its own set of prophesised events for the day. According to the CAC not only will "the wales align" but also a "Corduroy Messiah... shall turn 11 on 111111."

Others place no special significance to the date and are simply annoyed that it's a Friday and not the weekend already.

UPDATE: 11.11.11 is here and so are we, 10 other failed doomsday prophesies.