A British man allegedly pushed a Ukrainian hooker from a hotel's window in Dubai in an attack could leave her disabled.

Attacked over a money dispute, the girl suffered back injuries when she fell 20ft onto a car, the Dubai Criminal Court heard on Thursday.

Salesman Zoubair Ali, 27, is also accused of consuming alcohol and having consensual sex with a prostitute. "I was feeling lonely and wanted to join him," the Ukrainian said. "But then we had an argument and I ran to the bedroom and locked the door and called for help through the window."

The British man then got into the room and hurled the girl, who was standing at the edge of the window, out on the streets. Ali appeared at Dubai Criminal Court on bail. He rejected charges of having sex while unmarried, which is considered an offence in the emirate.

Mohammed Iyaz, 50, British, investor witnessed that he was with Ali in his room in Fortune Hotel then they both left to a bar and restaurant in Panorama hotel. "A woman approached us and offered massage and sex for Dh500 per hour," he said. "I did not give her attention and went to the bathroom. As I returned I saw the woman and Ali were not there."

The Pakistani driver who brought the girl to the hospital said that she had called him that night crying for help and screaming in pain and fear. When he reached the hotel, he saw her lying on her back and writhing in pain

Ali faces up to ten years in jail if convicted. "This gentleman could be in serious trouble," a court source told The Sun. "He could get ten years if found guilty of assault, plus time for sex and drink offences." The hearing was adjourned to December 1.