A magician may be yet to take home the Britain's Got Talent crown but Dynamo says he can understand why they keep trying. Speaking to IBTimes UK's A-list the Bradford-born entertainer said that although he took the traditional route to fame, they is nothing wrong with aspirating magicians opting to use reality TV as their platform.

"I think it's kind of different for everybody. [For] some people, the only avenue they have is shows like Britain's Got Talent," he said. "If they audition and get through to that final stage, then obviously they have something. So I can't take anything away from that route. It is bringing people's dreams to life."

In recent years Simon Cowell's ITV talent show has given dog acts, magic and the allied arts some much-needed attention and as a result, they have enjoyed somewhat of resurgence in popular culture. After fronting his TV show Dynamo: Magician Impossible, the 32-year-old star welcomes the same level of acknowledgment enjoyed by pioneers of magic, like David Blaine and David Copperfield.

"For me, I went the organic route and sort of did it myself but in this day and age we have so many possible outlets, I don't think there is anything other than yourself that can stop you actually achieving anything you want to achieve," he added.

Meanwhile, the magician, who has walked on water across the Thames, says his ultimate trick would be to resolve the refugee crisis because he is saddened by the plight of thousands across the globe. Europe's governments continue to struggle to cope with the influx of people from countries including Syria. "If I could make something disappear, I would make the current crisis of the refugees and the problems disappear to allow them to have somewhere to live."

Dynamo is performing at numerous venues across the UK and Ireland in 2015 and 2016. Tickets for his shows are on sale now.