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Like Ubisoft, EA has a lot of games on the slate for 2013. Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 are givens, and are bound to get the lion's share of E3 stage time, but there are also the other big sports titles which were first shown at the Xbox One launch: New Madden, UFC and NBA games are also set to launch in 2013, so EA will be talking those up, too.

The company has recently retired its Online Pass system, deactivating it for all existing games and saying it won't be integrated into any future releases. There's a chance, then, that we may hear about a replacement for Online Pass. If EA wants to offset the mounting cost of next-gen development, it's going to need some kind of authentication barrier in place to prevent piracy and drive consumers to buy first-hand.

Xbox has said it place any additional fees or locks on its first-party games, leaving publishers to decide how purchasing of their games will be controlled; maybe EA will use E3 to outline its solution.

EA is also set to publish the first game from Respawn, Titanfall, so that might appear during the keynote. However, Titanfall's rumoured to be an Xbox exclusive, for both the 360 and One, so it's more likely to appear during Microsoft's keynote, which kicks off at 5:30 PM, way ahead of EA's 9PM conference.

In short, lots of Battlefield, lots of FIFA; some UFC, Madden NBA and maybe something about online passes. IBTimes UK will be covering the EA conference live and reporting on all the announcements as they come out.