If you are ever in Albert Square, you might want to steer clear of Kathy's. Eagled-eyed EastEnders fans have taken to Twitter in their droves to point out the cafe's extortionate prices.

On Friday 13 October, viewers tuned in to watch a sombre Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) continue to lick his wounds over his marriage woes. When his mother Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) joined him in the cafe for a pep talk over a cup of tea, a sign for a breakfast deal behind him ruined the touching moment for many of the show's fans.

The sign advertised a deal which offered coffee and a sausage or bacon bap for £6. Stunned viewers took issue with the price and jumped on Twitter to vent their outrage.

"£6.00 for a bacon sarnie and a coffee?! Call that a deal?! It's bloody expensive down Kathy's cafe! #EastEnders [sic]," one person tweeted.

Another person added: "Watching tonight's Eastenders. £6 for a bacon butty and a brew? Robbing b******s. For that price I'd want Danny Dyer thrown in as well."

A third said: "Anyone realised that the cafe is so expensive like £6 for a bacon butty and a coffee, that's daylight robbery #eastenders."

One savvy viewer said something just didn't add up and suggested somebody in the production team was responsible for the blunder: "#EastEnders Kathy's Cafe sign says bacon or sausage sandwich and coffee £6 but individually they're £2.50 & £1.50 who's made a boo boo."

But others were quick to point out that eating out in the capital can be costly, with one writing: "I take it those horrified about the £6.00 coffee with a bacon and sausage sandwich don't live in london then? Lol ! #eastenders [sic]."