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EastEnders viewers were quick to take to Twitter in droves to comment on the incredibly high prices BBC

If you are ever in Albert Square, you might want to steer clear of Kathy's. Eagled-eyed EastEnders fans have taken to Twitter in their droves to point out the cafe's extortionate prices.

On Friday 13 October, viewers tuned in to watch a sombre Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) continue to lick his wounds over his marriage woes. When his mother Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) joined him in the cafe for a pep talk over a cup of tea, a sign for a breakfast deal behind him ruined the touching moment for many of the show's fans.

The sign advertised a deal which offered coffee and a sausage or bacon bap for £6. Stunned viewers took issue with the price and jumped on Twitter to vent their outrage.

"£6.00 for a bacon sarnie and a coffee?! Call that a deal?! It's bloody expensive down Kathy's cafe! #EastEnders [sic]," one person tweeted.

Another person added: "Watching tonight's Eastenders. £6 for a bacon butty and a brew? Robbing b******s. For that price I'd want Danny Dyer thrown in as well."

A third said: "Anyone realised that the cafe is so expensive like £6 for a bacon butty and a coffee, that's daylight robbery #eastenders."

One savvy viewer said something just didn't add up and suggested somebody in the production team was responsible for the blunder: "#EastEnders Kathy's Cafe sign says bacon or sausage sandwich and coffee £6 but individually they're £2.50 & £1.50 who's made a boo boo."

But others were quick to point out that eating out in the capital can be costly, with one writing: "I take it those horrified about the £6.00 coffee with a bacon and sausage sandwich don't live in london then? Lol ! #eastenders [sic]."