Ebola Africa
Health workers take blood samples for Ebola virus testing at a screening tent in the local government hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone. Reuters

Those who wish to assist the World Health Organization's Ebola Outbreak Response should obtain online training and get mandatory vaccination for at least eight diseases, WHO said in reply to an IBTimes UK query.

The organisation sends three internet links to volunteers who want to join the fight against Ebola. They also have to file their updated CV.

The two online courses - basic and advanced - will take three hours each to complete, WHO said.

The risk of malaria is very high throughout the affected areas including cities, WHO warned, adding it is necessary to take chemoprophylaxis before, during and after the trip.

Yellow Fever tops the list of required and recommended vaccinations which should be done at least 10 days prior to the mission.

The UN and WHO are finding it tough to get adequate manpower to treat the Ebola affected and prevent the disease from spreading as more and more nurses and other volunteers contract the virus.

IBTimes UK had reported that missionaries from the Order of St Camillus, a Catholic congregation dedicated to the service of the sick, is getting ready to send its volunteers to Sierra Leone on the invitation of the diocese of Makeni.

The links WHO is sending to volunteers are the following:

Survey form:

Security training:
https://training.dss.un.org/courses/v21/pages/dss_login_register.php (Basic and Advanced)

Personal history form:

WHO said prior to being deployed, the organisation may require references from previous or current employer. Volunteers, should, therefore, carry at least one such reference letter.

WHO said medical clearance is mandatory, which cannot be obtained without written proof of all vaccinations requested for in West Africa in the context of the Ebola outbreak.


1. Yellow Fever (required)
2. Diphtheria (required)
3. Tetanus (required)
4. Polio (required)
5. Pertussis (required)
6. Hepatitis A (required)
7. Hepatitis B (required)
8. Typhoid Fever (required)
9. Measles (for people born after 1963 who did not have the disease or 2 doses of MMR)
10. Meningitis ACYW 135 (mandatory in case of an existing outbreak in the country of mission)
11. Rabies (rabies pre-exposure recommended)
12. Cholera vaccine (only recommended in limited situations and based on risk assessment).

Indian members of the Camillian Order who are currently processing their applications to travel to the affected region say adequate clarifications on the medical requirements are not available locally.

"We now have to meet some good doctor or a team of doctors to know how long we really require to take all the vaccinations. We are also concerned whose certificates will be accepted and whose not," Fr Antony Kunnel, one of the Camillian volunteers who is planning to fly to Sierra Leone this month, told IBTimes UK.