Two days after Egypt's worst football disaster, violent clashes between protesters and security forces erupted in Cairo and Suez.

More than 70 people died during clashes between opposing football fans in Port Said on February 1, prompting more protests against the military in Cairo and Suez.

In Suez, protesters marched towards the police headquarters. Media reports suggest two people were wounded by rubber bullets.

Suez security chief, Adel Refaat, denied rubber bullets had been used, insisting the forces only used tear gas.

"Some criminals are firing rubber bullets at the protesters; we only use tear gas to disperse the crowd. The people of Suez know how much I love the city's youths, I never allow anyone to violently deal with them," he said.

In Cairo, protesters headed towards the Interior Ministry. Security forces also used tear gas to disperse the protests.

The Assistant Health minister, Adel El-Adawy, said that one protester died from bullet wounds while one police officer also died after being run over by a military truck.

At least four people died on February 2 as a result of increasing tensions and violence between protesters and security forces.

Angry Egyptians have criticised the authorities' inability to contain the deadly clashes in Port Said, with some even accusing the military of being behind the violence.

MPs and politicians also accused remains of the Mubarak regime for the deadly clashes.

The Egyptian Health ministry said that 1,690 have been injured in the last few days.