Mohamed Badie
Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie attends a news conference in Cairo. Reuters

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for a review of Egypt's peace treaty with Israel.

In an interview with the daily Asharq al Awsat, Mahmoud Hussein, secretary-general of the movement, said Egypt's newly elected parliament should review the country's peace treaty with Israel.

"A long time has passed since the Camp David Accord was signed and, like the other agreements, it needs to be reviewed and this is in the hands of the parliament," he told the newspaper.

"The Brotherhood believes the treaty is of great importance, but it is not on the top of our list. There are other priorities for the time being," Mr Hussein said.

"Generally, Israel does not honour the agreement," he added.

He also denied that the movement had recognised "the importance of safeguarding the peace treaty with Israel".

His comments are similar to those made earlier this year by Mohamed Morsy, chairman of the Brotherhood's political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party.

Shortly after an Israeli border attack in August, which led to the deaths of three Egyptians soldiers, Mr Morsy described the incident as a breach in the agreement and demanded that it be revised.

"The Egyptians will no longer tolerate the passiveness of authorities, nor will they tolerate any assaults or threats of aggression against them," he said at the time.