While the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online promises to have many wonderful elements, one of its key features happens to be that you can build your character any way you want.

The makers of the game have often stated that there will be no predefined setups such as those seen in other games. Instead, players will receive a lot of freedom to go ahead and build characters that they want to by bringing complex skill lines and abilities into the mix.

Instead of restricting characters into a particular class, Elder Scrolls Online will allow players unlimited access to a pool of skills and attributes and allow them to treat the characters as they will.

When players choose a race and class during character selection, they gain access to one racial skill and three class-based skill lines. But it doesn't end there. Since you get access to a plethora of skills lines, your character is never really restricted to one particular role.

As players gain skill and attribute points from their adventures and experiences, they can choose to spend them on three key aspects of their characters: survivability, magical skills and of course weapon-based resources of their choice.

The beta sign-ups for the game began in January this year, while its release is expected to happen in early 2014. It will be available on PC and Mac, apart from PS4 and Xbox One. However, it is worth noting that there will be no cross-play between platforms.

The "Character Progression" video above should give you a detailed idea of what to expect.