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American chat show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres has reportedly warned Jodie Foster against tying knot with Alexandra Hedison.

DeGeneres and Hedison dated for over three years with their relationship ending in 2004.

Foster, 51, has been dating the 44-year-old photographer since October last year, and the pair were recently spotted out shopping together in Beverly Hills, California.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, National Enquirer reported that DeGeneres "couldn't get to Jodie fast enough to have a conversation about the legalities and realities of marriage. Ellen at one point was actually pleading with Jodie not to pull the trigger...Ellen knows Jodie's current flame well and fears that she is headed for disaster as well as a huge financial hit if she marries Alexandra".

Previously, it was reported that DeGeneres bad-mouthed Foster because she felt her friend has betrayed her.

"Ellen feels Jodie is stabbing her in the back by hooking up with Alex," an alleged close source told Showbizspy.

"The lesbian community in Hollywood is very small, and it's well-known that Ellen and Alex had a very contentious breakup after Ellen got tired of Alex and hooked up with Portia de Rossi. Ellen has been under constant stress from the demands of her daily talk show, and she's in a foul mood over the problems she and Portia are having.

"Ellen is extraordinarily competitive, so it pains her to see Alex moving on with someone as successful and talented as Jodie. Ellen is also vindictive, and she's spreading the word among mutual friends that Jodie is pathetic for picking up her cast-off. But Jodie couldn't care less. she thinks Ellen is a fool for letting such a good catch get away. Jodie had half a mind to send Ellen a note saying, 'Your loss is my gain,' but she isn't confrontational. As far as Jodie is concerned, Ellen can stew in her own regret and bitterness."

Foster ended her relationship with long-term partner Cydney Bernard in 2008, after 15 years together. The pair are sharing custody of their two sons.